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CLI workflow


Continual is powered by a declarative workflow built for modern data teams.

Define Continual feature sets and models in source control as YAML files, and use the Continual CLI to develop and deploy them.

Teams using dbt can optionally use Continual's dbt integration to get a dbt-native workflow.


To install the Continual CLI, refer to Installing.

Getting help

The Continual CLI has built-in documentation.

To see a description of all CLI commands, run:

continual --help

And to get help on a particular command, run:

continual <command> --help

A full reference is also available at CLI reference.

Logging in

To log in to Continual, run:

continual login

For login options, refer to the CLI reference.

Defining feature sets and models

To define Continual feature sets, features, entities, and models declaratively in source control, simply create YAML files in your repository.

By convention, add a separate YAML file for each feature set and model you wish to create.

For a list of available options for feature sets and models, refer to YAML reference.

Pushing feature sets and models

Feature sets and models defined as YAML are created and pushed to Continual by running continual push.

Given a model or feature set YAML file:

continual push my_model.yaml

You can also pushing an entire directory of feature set and model YAML files by passing in a directory path instead of a file path:

continual push my_dir/
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