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Databricks on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.


The Continual + Databricks integration is still in beta, please report any bugs and send any feature requests to


Ensure you have appropriate permissions to view JDBC/ODBC configuration details for your Databricks compute cluster.

Specifically, Continual requires the following fields in order to set up a Databricks-backed project:

  • Personal Access Token
  • Host
  • Database
  • Port
  • HTTP Path

Instructions by cloud provider:


(Optional) Step 1: Configure Databricks Account to Allow Continual Access

If your Databricks account restricts access via IP address, you'll need to configure your network policy to allow access from Continual.

Step 2: Create a Databricks-backed project

During project creation, select Databricks as your feature store. Use the Databricks connection details you've retrieved from the earlier steps to fill the necessary fields in order to create your project.

You're now all set! You will be able to use Continaul to create feature sets and models in Databricks!

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