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Data warehouses

Continual sits directly on top of your existing data warehouse. Continual manages both your features and predictions inside your data warehouse. This ensures Continual always has access to your latest data and you always can also the predictions from Continual without further integration work.

Continual supports the follow data warehouses:

We continue to add support for additional data warehouses. If you would like to see support for a particular data warehouse, email

Connecting your data warehouse

You can connect to your data warehouse during your project setup. Follow the data warehouse specific documentation steps and Web UI wizard. If you have problems connecting to your data warehouse, don't hesitate to reach out.

Limiting IP access

All traffic from Continual's data plane comes from If desired, you can limit access to your data warehouse to this address.

Reverse Tunnels, AWS Private Link, Single Tenant Deployments

To discuss additional security topics, such as reverse tunnels, AWS Private Link, or single-tenant deployments, please email

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