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Auditing Events

Continual tracks all actions taken in the system. Users have the ability to view events for any projects that they have access to.

Working with events

Events are easy to access from the Web UI or the CLI. When working in the CLI, you can view events via the command:

continual events list

You can optionally filter by project (via --project), resource id (via --resource), or user, severity, or event (via --filter).

For example, in the following example we filter via the model version resource projects/smoke_test_v4/models/warranty_fraud/versions/c5fqt8fubr1h1db6jhb0 and severity:INFO.

You may also inspect individual events via continual events get <event_id>.

In the Web UI, project-wide events can be found in "Changes" > "Activity". This list all events that have occurred in the current environment. You'll also find that other resources in the system (feature sets, models, model versions, etc) also have their own activity lists, filtered by that specific resource.

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