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Amazon Redshift.


  • A Redshift account
  • Rights to create users and databases in Redshift (i.e. super user account).


Step 1: Run the setup script in your Redshift Cluster

Run the following commands in your redshfit cluster to create a user and database for Continual to use.

-- create user
create user continual --replace this
password 'REPLACE THIS WITH A SECURE PASSWORD'; --replace this

--create database
continual; --replace this

--grant access
continual to continual;

Step 2: Grant Access to Other Resources to Continual

Any tables that you plan to use as source tables for feature sets or models in Continual need to be accessible by the continual user created above. Please grant SELECT permission on any such resources.

(Optional) Step 3: Configure Cluster VPC to Allow Continual Access

If your cluster restricts access via IP address, you'll need to configure your Redshift's VPC to allow access from Continual. Please contact us to obtain a stable IP for use.

Step 4: Create a Redshift-backed project

During project creation, select Redshift as your feature store. Use the Redshift Configuration you created in step one to configure the connection.

You're now all set! You will be able to use Continaul to create feature sets and models in Redshift!

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