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Users and organizations

Working with organizations

Creating organizations

If you were not invited to continual via a peer who has added you to his organization, you will be prompted to create an organization when you first log into Continual. Organizations are collections of users in Continual, and you may have the need to have different organizations. You can create new orgs via the Organization Dropdown menu on your home page.

You'll simply need to name your organization and then it is ready to use:

Working with users

Registering an account

To create a new user, it must be registered in the system. Please see Registering a user for more information.

Inviting users to an organization

In an existing organization, you can easily add new members to collaborate with. Simple navigate to "Team" on your home page. This will display a list of current organization members.

You can invite new members by clicking the blue Plus button in the top right. This will open up the invite form. Add the name or email address of the user you wish to collaborate with, assign them a role, and then click Invite.

Invited users will appear on the list of organization members with a special "invited" tag, to indicate that they have not yet signed up.

An email will be sent to any invited members, with a link to accept join the organization.

Organization roles

There are two roles users can have in an organization:

  • Organization Owner: Has full administrative access over the organization.
  • Organization Member: Can see the list of organization members and create new projects.

Inviting users to your project

You can collaborate on projects with members in your organizations. To do so, open your project and navigate to the "Team" section of the project. This will list all users who have access to the project. Click to blue Plus button at the top right to add a new collaborator.

This will pop open a form. Enter the user you with to collaborate with and they will be sent an invite to join the project.

Users can click the link in the email to join the project.

Project roles

All project members must have a role. There are two roles to assign:

  • Project Owner: Full admin control over project. Can access all project resources, and modify user permissions.
  • Project Member: Has view-only access to project resources. Cannot modify user permissions.
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